Day Skipper

Day Skipper

This course is available to those 16 years and older.

Course ratio is maximum of 5:1 & we include all books/charts & materials you will need to complete your course.

This four-day course includes:

  • • Safety and the Skipper’s responsibilities
  • • Preparation & Passage Planning
  • • Boat handling in confined areas and at sea
  • • Navigation & awareness of electronics
  • • Buoyage
  • • MOB Procedures
  • • IRPCS including Navigation lights
  • • Pilotage
  • • Emergency procedures
  • • Securing to a mooring buoy
  • • Anchoring

At the end of the course students should be capable of planning and safely completing a coastal passage by day including pilotage.

Whether they want to Skipper their own Cruiser or charter boats on a bareboat basis.

This RYA training course is designed to consolidate and put into a practical context all areas learned on the RYA Day Skipper Theory Course.

The course offers a practical application of what is required to safely navigate a 10-24 metre power vessel in local waters.

The course will cover boat handling in confined areas of the marina as well as at increased speeds in open areas at sea.

We will cover the use of electronic navigational aids such as GPS. which is now virtually standard equipment on modern vessels.

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